Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spectacles and hair dye extravaganza!

This is a character model of Savu. Savu will live in a world I am trying to create at the moment. Savu is very clever - because he has glasses of course! He loves long hugs and staring into the fire. His yellow pantaloons are super tight and his freckles arent real. In fact none of him is real. It's all pretend.


  1. I like your drawings, they're vewwy, vewwy pwetty. And now I shall spend the better part of an hour trying to remember which town is a palindrome. Eventually I'll get it, and I'll be astounded it took me so long.

  2. Jesus, fine, I googled it, okay? I googled it. And it was Navan. Jeez.



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