Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flea market October poster

Ok so from what I gather, but dont quote me on this, That genie guy is coming out of that lamp with brown bags in tow saying dublin flea market on them, ok, so the flea market is inside the lamp I guess. Now once genie guy comes out of the lamp he's got all these stick-pointing guys rudely pointing cloudy sticks at him for some arbitrary reason. Not cool. I'm guessin that before he went into that lamp to get whatever trinket he was after he must have done something to piss off the cloudy stick pointers...Its cool tho 'cos Genie guys got some mad rainbows in his arsenal..and he's getting all up in their cloudy, sticky grills by shooting his baggy rainbows around like its nobodys business. Ah genie guy your nothin' but a bould pup. Stall it over to http://dublinflea.blogspot.com/ to find out more about what you can find in this magical place.

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