Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cardboard Delights

Studio stuffs, originally uploaded by AaronBrady.

Im drawing on cardboard these days..I killed an Ikea box to make these.
Poor Ikea box..That should learn it tho for not fitting into the car like a good box.

I took a photo because I tried my scanner but he wasn't having it.


  1. I keep meaning to comment, I love your lettering on the window of Shebeen Chic on George's street! I walked by and all my friends think I'm a big nerd for following blogs so I go "Oh my God, I know who did that!" and when they were like "how?" I had a great "from a blog, mofukkas" moment.

  2. Ah yes the old blog related oneupmanship..What year are your friends living in?! Blogless luddites! Dont they know everybody whos nobody has a blog these days. Glad you like them.. One of the staff 'accidentally' wiped them off the first day I did them! What does that say?! Haha...I had to go back and go over them again..

  3. Are you serious? What a gobshite. Yeah, for journalists, my class aren't very broadminded when it comes to blogging, one guy was writing a radio rant the other day about personal blogs and gave us all a rousing rendition. I was suitably mollified.



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